July 5, 2010

Creative and engineering .. how different are they?

I often hear practitioners in creative fields (such as photography, design, and writing) and engineering fields (such as development, QA, systems, infrastructure) talk about how different […]
July 1, 2010

Focusing on architectural debt

My last few posts introduced technical debt and then explained what you should do about it.  This recent theme hasn’t completely satisfied my desire write about […]
June 26, 2010

What you can do about Technical Debt

In my last post, I introduced the ‘technical debt’ metaphor and talked a bit about why it makes a lot of sense.  In this post, I’d […]
June 16, 2010

Technical debt

Oh, the power of metaphor.  I have been thinking a lot about how powerful metaphors go a long way in creating effective communications and laying the […]
May 23, 2010

Agile Design: continued thinking

In my last post, we just began exploring the idea of agile design.  The quick conclusion was that there are significant similiarties between design and development […]
May 8, 2010

Agile Design: Myth or Reality?

So, I have been fortunate enough to be part of a lot of conversations with a lot of smart people recently.  A good number of them […]
April 5, 2010

Agile office space continued

Ok, so I have had the opportunity to sink my teeth into workplace design a bit more in recent days.  My recap of requirements is as […]
April 3, 2010

Agile office space

I had a remarkably interesting week.  First of all, I realized that we needed an office space last month here in San Francisco.  (At ModCloth speed, […]
March 28, 2010

Why no one thinks about usability

I've been in the software development business for a while now. And the lesson that I have learned, and re-learned, more than any other is simple: Usability is WAY MORE important than everyone thinks.