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#SXSWi — How to get users addicted to your content
By Adil Wali, 10th Mar 2012
Product Management

I love addiction; perhaps because I have a very addictive personality.  As such, I was drawn to the talk here at South by Southwest by @taraattrulia about engineering addiction.  She’s going pretty fast, so I will. Starting out with the definition of addiction.  Addiction does not have to be negative.  You want people to have a […]

#SXSWi — Hardcore vs. Casual games and gamers
By Adil Wali, 10th Mar 2012
Product Management

I’m in an interesting talk at South by Southwest Interactive (2012) put on by Jack Buser and Scott Rohde (from PlayStation). I figure it makes sense to write a few live thoughts as I’m listening since it’s turning into a pretty lively discussion. This may be the only way that I’ll be able to keep […]

Control the narrative – become a product evangelist
By Adil Wali, 20th Jul 2011
Product Management

Through a recent newsletter from the Silicon Valley Product Group, I came across a great article by Marty Cagan about, product evangelism, which I see as essentially helping people to imagine the future and inspiring them to help create that future by “selling the dream.” In that piece, Cagan lists his top 10 pieces of […]

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Hi, I’m Adil Wali. I became a Microsoft certified professional at age 14, started my first web development company, and never looked back. Since then, I’ve been a founder, advisor, and investor to a number of startups in the world of fashion, e-commerce, and education technology.

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Where should Product Management live on the org chart?
By Adil Wali, 6th Jul 2011
Product Management

I think it’s surprising, given how critically important product management is to most tech companies, how few people really know anything about it. A lot of companies (including tech companies) either don’t have a Product Management person or the Product Management function doesn’t exist at all. So where should the Product Management function live on […]

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