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The Best Kept Secret in Crypto
By Adil Wali, 14th May 2018

Anonymity is not the same as obfuscation Cryptocurrencies have generated a lot of excitement over the last year or so, especially with the phenomenal price surges experienced in 2017. The ability to conduct peer-to-peer transactions through the blockchain has an added attraction. It cuts out government intervention and the role of third parties such as […]

Payment Solutions in the S&P 500
By Adil Wali, 6th Sep 2019

To me, there are two business models that work at-scale in consumer internet. The first is advertising and the second is payments. I was thinking recently about how many companies are starting to think actively about payments as both a business model and a way to provide convenience to their users. In this post, we […]

Gold in a world of uncertainty
By Adil Wali, 16th Aug 2019

Gold prices are continuing higher this week after reversing earlier weakness. This strength is being propelled by a weaker dollar, lower demand for risky assets, and plunging U.S. Treasury yields. The US equity market weakness in recent days has attracted capital to gold as a classic safe-haven. Yet, I’m left wondering what this all means. […]

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