December 12, 2013

Performance Linked Incentives for Engineers

A friend recently asked me about how I might define performance for web developers. It was an interesting question coming from one startup founder to another. […]
August 29, 2011

Why what’s best for the person is ALWAYS what’s best for the company

I often get asked, “What do you do, what’s best for the person or what’s best for the company?” Or, “What happens when what’s best for […]
June 13, 2011

Prepare for meetings – death by meeting

In his essay, Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule Y Combinator’s Paul Graham points out that managers’ schedules and makers’ (i.e. programmers’ or writers’) schedules are quite different: […]
May 19, 2011

Managing stress

I saw an interesting article recently titled “What is the Most Difficult CEO Skill? Managing Your Own Psychology” by Ben Horowitz on TechCrunch. In it, Horowitz […]
February 24, 2011

Management by walking around

Easily, one of the most fun parts of my job is management by walking around (MBWA).  It’s not just fun, but its also quite effective as […]
November 13, 2010

How to know what is worth fighting for

Effectively managing conflict in the workplace has been a topic on my mind for some time now.   Having a new topic on your mind is […]
October 20, 2010

The Right Way to Fight

The term ‘conflict’ typically carries with it negative connotation.  But it’s something I have been thinking a lot about lately, and I feel like conflict is […]
October 5, 2010

If you can’t nap, meditate

Recently, I wrote about how advantageous I feel naps can be, and how thrilled I am that there is some evidence to support what I’ve suspected […]
September 30, 2010

Building a workforce of one

As I have seen our company grow, I have been thinking a lot about the best way to serve its employees.  One lesson that I have […]