The solution to premature commitment bias starts with a K

As you may have noticed, I have recently found myself consumed by the problems facing technology entrepreneurship today.  In particular, it’s the amount of sheer waste that gets to me.  As I’ve mentioned before, the real tragedy here is all of the time that is wasted by really talented entrepreneurs and early employees.  Unlike money, time is non-renewable.  You don’t know how much you actually have, and you can’t make any more of it when you run out.

As an entrepreneur about to embark on my next journey, this is something I think a lot about.  I want to avoid premature commitment bias like its a plague (which, by the way, it is.)   And I want to find myself on the right side of the disequilibrium of success!  I don’t want to bust my ass for 2-5 years just to chase a mediocre dream.  Not worth it.

So here’s what I’m going to do

I’ve decided that it’s time to take a new approach to building companies.  That approach involves assembling a team of the most talented people in the world.   Then we’re going to unearth really hard problems and solve them.

Companies will be formed.

Fun will be had.

What about all the details?

I don’t know them yet.  It makes sense to figure out the details of how this thing works after the right people are on the team.   Here’s what I do know, though: we’ll be calling ourselves the Kemists.

And we’ll have a website that looks like this, and a logo that looks like this:

Kemists Logo

If you know remarkably talented people who like building companies, or are one yourself, send them to (or go to) the site and apply.

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  • Jacques Fuentes // // Reply

    Would this make all the more sense if you became an organic Kemistry startup?

    BTW, I DM’d you on twitter awhile…never heard back. I’m certain that you’re extremely busy, but if you have some free time one day I’d enjoy some time to pick your brain.

  • Adil Wali // // Reply

    Jaxx! Wow, so awesome to hear from you.  Haha, organic Kemistry, eh?  That may have a larger addressable market, in the end.  Anyway, I’ll find you on twitter.  Sorry; I feel like I’m not good at social media.  Maybe I’m getting too old? 🙂 

    • Jacques Fuentes // // Reply

      I think you’re already following me :). Use my page: for contact info if you’d like.

  • Naveed Lalani // // Reply

    Exciting stuff man!

  • Josh A. // // Reply

    Who did the graphic design for this? Love it.

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