The new hardcore gamer…

I am currently at the Rise of Social Commerce conference here in Palo Alto.  I was just listening to a talk by Manny Anekal, the Director of Brand Advertising over at Zynga.  He said something that really struck me.  He said that the hardcore gamer is being redefined.

This is near and dear to my heart because I consider myself one of the ‘hardcore gamers of the old guard.’  It’s something I take pride in, actually.  Although I guess I am a little bit over the hill these days.  The typical hardcore gamer is a 18-24 year old male.

Anyway, apparently there is a new hardcore gamer in town.     It’s the 40-year-old mom.  According to Manny, this new hardcore gamer is engaged the most in the world of casual social games (like the kind that Zynga makes).  Accordingly, she also purchases the most in the way of virtual goods.

Who knew?

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