Magma rails is happening right now :)
By Adil Wali , 14th Oct 2010

I am thrilled to see the agenda for Magma Rails coming together.   I have a real sense of pride in the fact that I helped start the company (Crowd Interactive) that is putting on the first ever Ruby on Rails conference in Mexico!  What’s more is that it really looks like it is going to be a great conference.

Some amazingly talented people will be giving talks there, and I am happy to say that I know a few of them personally.  The ones to really look out for will be by:

  • Jon Dean
  • Marcelo Serpa
  • David Padilla
  • Edwin Cruz
  • Jorge Pardinas
  • Juan Esparza
  • Karla Magana
  • Luis Galaviz
  • Roberto Cataneo

I am truly heartbroken that there won’t be a live webcast of the conference.  I wasn’t able to be in Mexico this year for it, and it would have been nice to tune in!  That’s OK.  I’ll try to make it out next year.  I’ll be looking out for all the #MagmaRails tweets.

Anyway, I am really proud to have played some small part in the rails revolution happening in Mexico.  Kudos to all the Magma Rails and CI guys for taking it a step further.

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