April 24, 2010

Mentorship vs Management — Solving the problem

Ok, so in my last post on the subject, I outlined the core problem surrounding mentorship and management in most businesses today.   This problem is seen […]
April 17, 2010

Mentorship vs Management

A surprising number of companies get management completely wrong.  So many companies, in fact, that I hesitate to write this post because I wonder if I […]
April 11, 2010

Live blogging from IAS 10 — Designing for emotion and flow

I’ve had the opportunity to sit in on some really interesting sessions here at IASummit 2010.  I have never tried to liveblog from a conference before, […]
April 7, 2010

Create brand advocates.. not enemies!

This past weekend was full of unpleasant customer service surprises for both my wife and myself.  While my initial reaction was anger and frustration, I have […]
April 5, 2010

Agile office space continued

Ok, so I have had the opportunity to sink my teeth into workplace design a bit more in recent days.  My recap of requirements is as […]
April 3, 2010

Agile office space

I had a remarkably interesting week.  First of all, I realized that we needed an office space last month here in San Francisco.  (At ModCloth speed, […]